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Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

How to Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

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One of the most popular questions in modern hairstyling is how to straighten curly hair without heat? Curly hair offers many styling options for every fashionista.

You can wear a different hairstyle every day. The great thing about curls is the easy transition from tight curls to loose curls or straight shapes.

The challenge of curling curly hair is to avoid heat damage. Curly hair is very fragile as the cuticle remains partially open, and the hair is susceptible to dryness and breakage. Heat can dry out the hair and cause split ends

How to Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

There are various ways to straighten hair like using a flat iron, using silicon creams and styling gels, blow-drying the hair, using hair relaxers, etc.

There are various other hair straightening techniques like using protein-based products and hair neutralizing formulas as well. All these methods rely heavily on chemicals and heat. But our prime aim is to learn how to straighten hair without heat and chemicals.

Nevertheless, there are a few natural techniques that can be used to straighten hair without heat and chemicals, also without leaving any harmful effects on the texture and health of the hair.

However, it is possible to straighten curly hair without heat temporarily. Here is a gentle method to straighten curly hair. Dolls are used as models to illustrate the ideas.

Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat – Method # 01

Gather your supplies. You need a gentle shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and leave-in conditioner because well-moisturized hair is easier to style.

You can find hair rollers (curlers), roller pins, endpapers, and silk scarves at the beauty supply store and online. And you need at least a 2-inch roller to straighten curly hair. Select rollers based on the desired amount of straightening.

If you use a 3-inch roller (about the width of a pop can), it can deliver very straight hair. However, 2 inches to 2 1/2 inches are easier to use and more comfortable. Both of these rollers can produce loose curls that may be styled either in soft ringlets, waves, or a straight hairdo.

Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat – Method # 02

This is a well-known technique that is used for straightening hair without heat. It is the same technique that is also used for curling up the hair. Surprised?

It is true, the method is the same, but the execution makes all the difference. Check out the essentials first and then the procedure to straighten hair without heat or chemicals.


  • Gentle shampoo;
  • Setting lotion or hair gel;
  • Moisturizing and moisturizing leave-in conditioner;
  • Roller pins and endpapers;
  • 12 hair rollers in size 2 inch (plastic or magnetic or metal mesh);
  • Combs (medium-tooth and wide-tooth). 

How to Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat Procedure:

In this method, we are going to adapt the basic roller pattern, which is helpful for rolling the hair in loose curls and hair that are a lot more straight. Wash the hair with the moisturizing and gentle shampoo and rinse the hair well.

Divide the hair into six parts and start applying the conditioner. For that, take on a section of hair in hands and start from the tips in the direction of roots. Repeat the same procedure with all the remaining hair divisions. Saturate the hair with the conditioner and untangle them with a wide-tooth comb.

Cover the hair with a dry but smooth towel to get out the excess water from the hair. Make sure that the hair is not dripping with water and again divide them into two sections. Now, apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner from tips to roots of the hair.

Again comb the hair with the wide-tooth comb. With the help of the medium-tooth comb, make the first section of hair and apply the setting gel to the hair. Place the endpaper on the end of the hair and from the tips, start to roll the hair around the roller.

Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

Make sure the hair lay smooth on the roller surface. Secure the roller by using two and more roller pins. Repeat the same procedure for all the hair sections. If you roll the hair towards the face, it provides length. And you roll the hair towards the top of the head, it provides body and you rolls them towards the neck, it provides a bounce.

If the hair starts to get dried during the process of applying the rollers, then wet them with water, just make sure that they are not dripping. Keep the rollers on overnight or an entire day.

After that, remove the rollers and see the result! I think you got an answer to a question – How to Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat! If they dry, you will have to reapply it all over again.

You can let the hair be dry and wear the way you like them to be. This method is easy for those who are willing to use the flat iron. Make sure you perform this method and then go to the hairstylist, this way, you can save money as well as the health of your hair. Read on how to straighten hair without a straightener as well.

Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat – Method # 03

Determine your roller pattern. This means figuring out how many rollers are needed and the way to fasten them. There are hundreds of ways to roll hair into different styles.

Since your goal is to use the rollers to straighten, or loosen curls, focus on a basic roller pattern. Once you understand the roller set, you can experiment with different patterns. For most people, 12 rollers in size 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch work best.

You can use fewer 3-inch rollers. Fastening the curler rolled toward the face creates sausage curls that frame the face. A row of curlers rolled toward the face on top of the head, provides hair height.

On the sides, curlers rolled up, toward the top of the head, give the hair body. Curlers rolled down, toward the neck, to help provide a bounce. To curl bangs, you need to roll the curler down, towards the forehead.

A basic curl pattern utilizes a combination of these rolling techniques. Determine what works best for your hair. Here I conclude this article about ‘straighten hair without heat’.

There are not many methods that make sure how to straighten hair without heat and chemicals. The last thing is, never straighten hair without washing them. I hope the article was useful to you. Stay beautiful!

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