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Plyometric Workout Routine

Plyometric Workout Routine: Tips on How to Jump Higher for Basketball

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I’ve always enjoyed a good plyometric workout routine and a good vertical leap training program and thought I’d pass along some tips on how to jump higher for basketball. So here we are in the midst of another basketball season and I can’t help but marvel at the sheer athleticism of some NBA and even college players.

However, even if you don’t play basketball or aren’t as easily impressed by leaping ability as I am, I’d consider reading these tips on how to jump higher.  In my opinion, vertical leaping can be highly correlated with some ideal fitness characteristics.  Leaping ability requires strength and power and incorporates all your leg muscles.

Additionally, to maximize your vertical leap, you’ll likely have to maintain a low body fat percentage.  Strength, power, and low body fat are all things any fitness advocate shoots for.

Plyometric Workout Routine

So jumping higher isn’t all about strength; otherwise, powerlifters who can squat hundreds of pounds would be the stars of the NBA.  Instead, I’d recommend taking a multifaceted approach that incorporates several different tactics.

As you can tell by looking at many basketball players, the best dunkers are often relatively lean individuals.  In other words, you’ll need to try to lower your body fat in addition to training to jump higher.  For a plyometric workout routine, check out my post on Plyometric Training Exercises.

The dunk contests between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins remain legendary…check out the air that these guys get!

Plyometric Workout Routine: How to Jump Higher in 45 Minutes

Jacob Hiller, The creator of The Jump Manual, has offered a free guide to help you jump higher in 45 minutes.  That’s right, 45 minutes, not days.  There are several fundamental flaws that are easily correctable when it comes to jumping.

Here are a few of the tips on how to jump higher than Jacob covers: proper footwear, foam rolling, warming up, stretching, proper jumping form, weight training, breathing, palming a ball, and last but not least, mentality.

The Jump Manual: A Vertical Leap Training Program

That’s just a few simple tips on how to jump higher for basketball.  If you want a complete vertical leap training program, check out The Jump Manual, and learn how to jump higher for basketball and also improve your overall fitness level by incorporating a plyometric workout routine.  In the meantime, enjoy the basketball season!

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