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Tips for Successful Business SMS Marketing Many small businesses are..

What No One Knows About Business

Tips for Successful Business SMS Marketing

Many small businesses are yet to take full advantage of short message service (SMS) as means to market their products. But a properly-executed business sms marketing program can produce impressive results with the prospects of a 98% phone sms open rate. The possible return on investment for this type of customer messaging is just too attractive for you not to give it a try.

Here are tips for making your business texting promotions very effective:

Follow SMS Marketing Rules

There are regulations against SMS spamming, so avoid it all costs. However, you still can do it the right way and encourage online prospects to subscribe to the promotional messaging. For instance, you may request a customer to subscribe by ticking a checkbox or sending you an sms that includes a specified phrase. Potential customers signing up certainly convert better.

Say No to Lengthy SMS

You’re better off limiting your messaging within 160 characters. When the sent message exceeds 160 characters, the phone network breaks it into manageable sizes. Before being delivered to the intended customer’s device, the sets of text may be merged, although many times there are glitches in the process. It’s possible for a carrier not break or merge such text. Others won’t carry messages exceeding 160 characters in the first place.

There are numerous issues with longer SMSs including the likelihood of the target line not receiving any communication whatsoever, or delivery of poorly organized text chunks. For sure, it’s undesirable for your potential customers not to receive your SMS or to receive your marketing messaging in a difficult way to understand. At any rate, SMS communication is inherently supposed to be short. Likewise,an SMS is no blog post, so make it short to ensure its recipient will read it to the end.

Perfect Timing

To make the most of your business sms marketing, you must get the timing right. Here, timing is everything due to the way SMS messaging works–recipients can see and read an sms immediately rather than wait hours or days, and no internet connectivity is required. Such a characteristic of sms messaging opens up incredible opportunities to optimize marketing results.

A good example is an sms from your local pizza inn declaring attractive deals when you’re about to order food! So, consider when your prospects are most likely to need your product or service and send them promotional sms. That could be at a specific time of the day, day of the week, or season of the year.

Business sms marketing can do you wonders if you get it right every time. Choose the correct timing, direct the messaging to opted-in recipients, and limit sms length within 160 characters.

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